Genetically engineered (GE) crops have proliferated over the years, and the amount of GE products in the United States today is astounding. Beware: even some of the "fresh and natural foods" you're buying from your local supermarkets may be genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or may contain GE ingredients that can severely affect your health!

At this very moment, thousands of Americans are suffering from the negative health effects of GE foods. Here's the horrifying truth: your child could be the next victims.

Don't let this happen!

We at RightToKnowGMOs.org urge you to support the GMO Labeling campaign. With mandatory GMO labeling, all food products that contain traces of GE ingredients will be accurately labeled to inform consumers. You will be able to avoid toxic GE foods while making smart and nutritious food choices for your loved ones.

You can participate in this cause by submitting your most powerful and most compelling photos that express your support for GMO labeling.

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If you want a brighter and healthier future for your children and loved ones, then mandatory GMO labeling is worth fighting for. Join the campaign now and exercise your right to know GMOs!

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